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Privacy Policy

1. Fundamental Tenets

(a) Investor Safeguarding: Fincrime represents a financial intelligence agency committed to the protection of investors and the relentless pursuit of cybercrime prevention. Presently, our digital presence is facilitated through These online platforms are managed by Quantum Associates LLC, an entity duly registered within the jurisdiction of the United States.

(b) Collaborative Endeavors: Fincrime actively engages in collaborative efforts with law enforcement agencies, legal practitioners, and investigative entities in the collective endeavor to combat fraudulent schemes and cyber malfeasance.

(c) Data Classification: Within our Privacy Policy framework, a clear demarcation is established between information garnered through our whistleblower system ("Whistleblower Information") and other data streams ("Other Information") acquired from visitors accessing our digital interfaces.

2. Whistleblower Protocol

(a) Mechanism Establishment: In the concerted battle against fraudulent activities and cyber threats, Fincrime has instituted a structured whistleblower system to solicit intelligence from insiders and victims alike. A substantive volume of intelligence pertinent to Fincrime's operations is sourced through this avenue. Users may furnish information to Fincrime utilizing either the Whistleblower Form or the secure email address

(b) Anonymity Assurance: We afford whistleblowers the capability to furnish information to Fincrime anonymously, devoid of divulging metadata such as personal identities, email addresses, or physical addresses.

(c) Whistleblower Safeguarding: In the majority of instances, intelligence received from whistleblowers is anonymized, devoid of any identifiable markers such as email addresses, names, or other personal identifiers. In the event of submission via our Whistleblower Form, the system does record the IP address. Fincrime maintains stringent confidentiality protocols, ensuring that all data is safeguarded and not divulged to third parties without requisite protective measures to shield the information source. In instances of collaboration with external entities, including authorities, legal representatives, and investigative partners ("third parties"), information garnered from whistleblowers is disseminated in segregated reports, devoid of any references to sources or original communications. Under no circumstances will the metadata pertaining to whistleblowers (or website visitors) be shared with authorities or other external entities.

(d) Legal Framework: Fincrime's legal framework is meticulously designed to preclude any eventuality where we might be compelled to disclose whistleblower information to governmental authorities or judicial bodies.

3. Acquisition of Additional Information

(a) Service Provision: We may gather personally identifiable information, such as full names, contact numbers, email addresses, or similar details, during the registration process for an account. Should you opt to procure a product from us, either directly or through our third-party payment processors, pertinent payment information will be collected. Upon utilizing the Service or browsing our digital platforms, certain information regarding your interaction with our services may be garnered, as delineated below. While promotional emails are not dispatched, service-related communications pertinent to your account may be transmitted. Should you wish to cease receiving such correspondence, you retain the option to opt-out by canceling your account.

(b) Utilization of Cookies and Tracking Technologies: employs technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags, and scripts. These tools may be employed to analyze trends, administer our digital interfaces, track user navigation, and compile demographic data concerning our user base. Cookies are utilized for purposes including but not limited to remembering user preferences, authentication, and analytics. Users retain the ability to manage cookie usage at the browser level. It is important to note that rejection of cookies may impact the functionality of certain features or sections of our digital platforms. Notably, our website utilizes Analytics, a tool provided by Google, to monitor user activity, page interactions, clicks/touches, scrolling behavior, and keystroke inputs (in select cases). Users desiring to opt-out of tracking facilitated by may do so via [ga_optout].

4. Information Acquisition on Behalf of Third Parties

(a) Utilization of Cookies and Tracking Technologies: Our partners, affiliates, analytics providers, and service vendors employ technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags, and scripts. These technological tools facilitate trend analysis, administration of the Sites, tracking of user navigation, and compilation of demographic data concerning our collective user base. Reports derived from the utilization of these technologies by such entities may be furnished to us, either individually or in an aggregated format.

5. Utilization of Visitor Information

(a) Operational Functions: The information acquired is utilized for the operational maintenance of our sites and the provision of services, along with addressing inquiries and concerns raised by users.

(b) Marketing Communications: With your explicit consent, we may employ the collected information to disseminate marketing communications via our newsletter.

(c) Client Support: We leverage the information obtained to assist our clients in enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of their respective websites.

6. Dissemination of Other Information

(a) Personally Identifiable Information: upholds a strict policy against renting or selling personally identifiable information to external entities. It is pertinent to note that personal information may be stored in locations beyond the immediate purview of, such as servers or databases co-located with hosting providers. Any personally identifiable information voluntarily disclosed on our Sites or through the Service, such as comments posted on our blog, may be accessible to other users. Removal of publicly shared information may not completely eradicate its visibility, as copies may persist in cached or archived pages. The management of our blog is facilitated by a third-party application, necessitating direct engagement with said application for the removal of personal information. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policies of such third-party applications to understand their data handling practices.

(b) Non-Personally Identifiable Information: We may share non-personally identifiable information, encompassing anonymous usage data and platform analytics, with interested third parties to enhance their understanding of usage patterns pertaining to specific Services, as well as those offered by our partners. Additionally, our partners may opt to publish outcome metrics pertaining to their websites via the Service. Such disclosures solely comprise non-personally identifiable information. Users electing to publicize such outcomes on the Service or Site implicitly agree to the dissemination of this information, inclusive of any personally identifiable information associated with the results. By availing yourself of the option to publish results on the Service or Site, you affirm that requisite permissions have been obtained and that such actions remain compliant with pertinent legislation. Similar to personally identifiable information, removal of publicly shared non-personally identifiable information may not entirely eliminate its visibility, as cached or archived copies may persist.

(c) Obligatory Disclosures: may be compelled to disclose other information in accordance with legal mandates, subpoenas, or judicial proceedings, or if deemed necessary to

(a) adhere to legal requirements and lawful requests from law enforcement authorities;

(b) enforce our Terms of Service or safeguard the security and integrity of our Service; and/or

(c) protect the rights, assets, or personal well-being of, our users, or other entities.

(d) Change of Ownership: In the event of a change in ownership, such as a merger, acquisition, or asset sale, user information may constitute part of the transferred assets. Affected users will be duly notified via email and/or prominent notices on our Site concerning any alterations in ownership or the subsequent utilization of their personal information, along with the provision of options to manage their personal data.

(e) Data Storage and Processing: Information gathered via the Service may be stored and processed across diverse geographic locations, including but not limited to the United States, Europe, or any other jurisdiction where or its affiliates maintain operational facilities. Transfers of collected information, including personal data, may transpire across borders to affiliated entities or third parties. It is imperative to note that if you are situated within the European Union or European Economic Area, we undertake not to transfer information, inclusive of personal data, to countries beyond the European Union or European Economic Area.

(f) Data Security Measures: is steadfast in its commitment to preserving the privacy and security of user data. While we implement industry-standard physical, technical, and managerial safeguards to fortify information security, it is essential to acknowledge that absolute security cannot be guaranteed owing to inherent risks associated with data transmission over the internet. Users harboring concerns about security protocols on our Site are encouraged to reach out to us via for clarification or assistance.

(g) Breach Notifications: In the unfortunate event of a security breach leading to the compromise of personal information, pledges to promptly notify affected users in adherence to applicable legal stipulations.

(h) Data Subject Rights: Data protection regulations accord users various rights concerning the processing of their personal data. These rights encompass the ability to request rectification or deletion of personal data, imposition of processing restrictions if data accuracy is contested, and the right to object to processing based on legitimate interests. is obligated to assess and act upon such requests. Additionally, users may avail themselves of data portability rights where applicable. Furthermore, users retain the right to lodge complaints with local supervisory authorities regarding data protection matters.

7. Retention of Your Information

(a) Account Holders: For users possessing an account with, we shall retain your information for the duration of your account's activation or as necessitated for the provision of services to you. Furthermore, we will continue to utilize and retain your information as required to fulfill our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and uphold the terms of our agreements.

(b) Visitors: If you are a visitor accessing the Sites, your information shall be retained for the duration deemed necessary, not exceeding one (1) year subsequent to your last visit to our Sites.

8. Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

Any modifications to this Privacy Policy shall take effect upon their posting on this page. In instances where substantial alterations are made to the policy, we shall notify you via email and/or provide conspicuous notice on our Site prior to the amended policy taking effect. The 'effective date' atop this page shall be updated accordingly.

Contact Information:

Should you have inquiries or concerns regarding our privacy practices or this policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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